Our Mission

This is why we have created this website which is growing day by day with new customers and loan companies joining us in this joint venture. Our mission at  Money tips is simple and yet unique. 

Kiwi Finance

Our Aim

We aim to provide our users and customers with help with money matters and service without getting ripped off. We deliver you the most confidential and reliable sources of money saving tips which you will find with extreme ease and convenience. Of course, the stories of rip off loans and embezzlement are not unknown and this is the reason we at money tips  make sure our services are 100 % safe for our users.

Our aim is not at all complicated or complex in any way. It is simply to provide a platform where kiwis can come and get loan tips, insurance information, investment tips and much more. We take a lot of time and researching customer feedback in order to select the best tips and information regrading money matters for kiwis. We make sure that all our cited lenders are the best at their jobs and this makes it very helpful for our customers to choose the most suitable for themselves.

Our Core Values

We at Kiwi Finance have great plans to expand our services. We wish to add more information and tips regrading cash matters and find the best solution for you.

KiwiFinance.co.nz is committed to offer its services not just to people looking for loans, insurance, investment , spending  but also the savings tips and info. Check our information and tips to get the best out of your money in New Zealand

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