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Information provided on our site is on as is basis and we take no responsibility for any content listed by others on our site. We  constantly monitor all the listings and remove stuff that we think is not appropriate. Please contact us if you have any problems with our site and we will be happy to look into it. All the information and the listings provided is to used as a guide and only.

Article contains information and tips to help you loans, budgeting,investment, etc .These information provided is intended as a guide only. It should not be treated as financial advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances. If you have any specific questions about individual financial matters or government legislation, you should consult an appropriately qualified professional or government department.


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We have a place for our visitors to comment on a particular finance company on their past dealings with them. We also offer rating section as well where a previous customer can rate a loan company. Only comment on the company if you have dealt with them before and share your experience with others.

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All your feedback about any of the loan companies  is welcome, if you have dealt with any of the listed companies please share your experience with us. This will help our visitors who are looking for the best companies in the loan market in New Zealand.

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When placing a negative comment please be considerate of others and don’t use any foul language. All unappropriated comments will be removed if deemed not suitable for our site.

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We take spam very seriously and spam content will be removed from our site as detected. Any objectionable material or not related material will be removed from our site. Please keep the site safe for others to use as its intended. If you find any content that might violate our terms please contact us as soon as possible and we will deal to it.

Kiwi Finance is a place for kiwis to find the best money tips in New Zealand. All the information and tips are provided and is on as is basis, no responsibility will be taken for the use of all our information so it should be used accordingly.

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